We love ghost stories! Thousand Islands Ghost Tours prides itself on it's spooky stories. All accounts have been retrieved from the many employees, shop owners, and eyewitnesses who experienced the happenings first hand. We receive new and updated information on a regular basis and add it to our tours. 


Our tour guide was speaking to a group of guests next to the Cornwall building when out of the corner of her eye she saw something light blue in the downstairs window.  When she looked over to see what had caught her attention, she witnessed a pale blue form of a person, from the head to the torso. Only half of it was revealed as it seemed to be peeking from around the window casing. The spectral was only seen for a moment before it suddenly vanished. The guide realized what she had just seen and then looked toward her guests to see if they had seen it also. One of the ladies standing near her had a stunned look on her face (guess you saw it too!) and the guide asked her to described what she had just seen. The woman quickly gave the same description.  Suddenly all the guests picked up their cameras and began to shoot away, hoping to capture the fleet apparition on their phones and cameras.

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